Kona Enterprise Provisioning Manager

Kona EPM automates your daily provisioning and termination tasks so you can keep the costs under control

Kona Enterprise Provisioning Manager

Cloud Services Modules

EPM provisions and terminates your cloud accounts like ServiceNow, Salesforce and others

Kona Enterprise Provisioning Manager

ERP and Telecommunication Modules

EPM provisions and terminates your ERP and Telecommunication accounts like Oracle EBS or Avaya Aura

Kona Enterprise Provisioning Manager

Supports your Auitors and keeps costs under
control by centralizing all your account data

Here are the major benefits when managing your accounts with EPM cloud services:

Significant Cost Savings

Kona EPM assists in removing any orphan accounts by automatically removing accounts and associated licenses when an employee or contractor leaves the firm.

Audit and Reporting

Having a centralized account repository and tracking of account changes enables you to perform tight audits. Whether for internal auditing, SOX compliance or ISO certification, the Kona EPM Suite improves the effectiveness of risk management and audit processes.

Increased Security

Orphan or untracked active accounts are the perfect access point for security threats. Kona EPM minimizes the number of orphan accounts, increasing the security of your environment.

EPM provides self serve capabilities, workflows for account approvals and fully automated provisioning processes.

Cloud Accounts (SaaS)

Salesforce | Service Now | Box.com | Microsoft Azure

Telecommunication Accounts

Avaya Configuration Manager | Avaya Modular Messaging | Cisco CM

Enterprise Software Accounts

Oracle EBS | In house custom applications