Automated Provisioning and Termination

Most of the provisioning tasks can be fully automated. One example is the automated account provisioning for certain departments like the sales department. For any employee or contractor joining this department EPM would automatically provision a SalesForce.com account. Once the employee or contractor is leaving your company, the account can be automatically terminated. This process ensures that no budget is wasted on SalesForce.com accounts that are no longer used.

Audit & Reports

Having a centralized account repository enables you to perform audits. Wether it is for your internal auditing or for an official ISO certification, the Fortissimo Suite opens the door for detailed reports.

You can compare the accounts and licenses that are managed in EPM with the accounts and licenses that are on the systems. This actual / nominal comparison is the key factor for increasing the quality of your account management task and make sure that no accounts are created behind the scenes and out of your control.

Template Management

The templates are used during the account creation process ensuring consistent account creation and enforcing any necessary account policies.

The templates are specifically designed for the module, e.g. Salesforce.

Notification Engine

Any account provisioning workflow also needs to notify the end user once the account is created/update or terminated. Our internal notification engine can act as a task in the overall workflow.

Workflow Engine

The EPM Server hosts an internal workflow engine that can be used for more complex provisioning workflows. Once example would be our Oracle EBS module that enables the end user to request an account in Oracle EBS. This request will kick off a workflow with approval tasks, notification tasks, reminder tasks and the provisioning task.  This workflow can be adapted to the specific needs of our customers.

Self Service Portal

Our self service portal enables end users to request their own accounts. These requests can be combined with approval workflows of the internal workflow engine. The modern UI is simple and easy to use.

Number and Range Management

Our Number Management module allows you to manage all your VoIP/DID ranges. With this module you can not only track your ranges, but you can block out certain numbers, track utilization and comment on how individual numbers or ranges are used. It also helps you categorizing these ranges and allows you to use these ranges in business rule (we call them acts) from the account provisioning services.

With this module the management changes from being reactive to being proactive. The expert engine within the Fortissimo suite will tell you the capacity of your ranges not by simply reporting free numbers, but by taking your complex business rules that can span several ranges (e.g. Fax/Phone/Mobile) into consideration.

Integration Capabilities

EPM has a rich set of API”s that can be used to integrate the provisioning tasks into your Enterprise Service Bus or any other Cloud based workflow applications like workday.