Product Benefits

Significant Cost Savings

Kona EPM assists in removing any orphan accounts by automatically removing accounts and associated licenses when an employee or contractor leaves the firm.

ROI example:
GlobalCorp has 4000 sales agents worldwide. Every agent has a account. Assuming the monthly subscription fee is 50USD and your administrators are able to keep the number of orphan accounts at an average of 5%, GlobalCorp could save 120.000 USD every single year using Kona EPM.

Increased Security

Orphan or untracked active accounts are the perfect access point for security threats. Kona EPM minimizes the number of orphan accounts, increasing the security of your environment.

Audit and Reporting

Having a centralized account repository and tracking of account changes enables you to perform tight audits. Whether for internal auditing, SOX compliance or ISO certification, the Kona EPM Suite improves the effectiveness of risk management and audit processes.

Increased Automation

Provisioning and Terminating accounts is a tedious and time consuming task. EPM will free up valuable time for your Administrators. With it easy to use UI and its centralized event management console, administrators can focus on the real problems.